Amazing Stag Do Activities You Can Do in the Weekend

The Stag Party have been regarded as a low maintenance affair, as the lads would just sit around high stool in the favorite bar, pints or even a stripper club. This is always thought of as the climax of the stag party you can ever have. Though, there are some other fun activities that you can involve n in your stag party. You need to have a proper planning when you want to hold your stag party so that it can be full of fun. It is recommended that you avoid the sitting in a bar, nursing a cider until morning, as there are some fun activities you can partake in this one of your big days. Therefore, in this article, you will learn of the amazing ideas that you can have for your stag party so that it can be much more fun.

One of the themes you can have for your Stag Do Activities is to play pensioners. This is almost self-explanatory. You and your best men will be dressed like your granddads. This can be much fun when you head to a strippers club then. All you will all need is to have trouser braces, loafers, and a grandpa jumper. Also, you will need the grey wig and some old man glasses. When you want to be committed to this fan activity, you can also look for a walking stick and stick-on mustache.

You can as well decide to play superheroes. You can decide to stag dress in superhero costumes that you love. Even if some lads would not want to admit, you will find everybody at least loving at least one superhero. There is a wide variety of superheroes that you and your lads can choose from. So regardless of the size of the group, you will find an activity that almost all would love to indulge in and stay happy. You will need to remember that after some shots of whiskey, you cannot fly as the superheroes do. You do not want a stag weekend that one of you is laid due to injuries.

The other stag activity that is easy to arrange and cost-effective is the lumberjacks. You will need some fake beards, rubber axes wooly hat, boots and even plaid shirts. You will then be a group of lumberjacks who are ready to chop some trees before they take a mammoth session in the bar. Watch this video about Stag Do ideas: